custom content planner (digital file)

custom content planner (digital file)


keep track of your content and with this custom content planner!

why i made this:

i was feeling frazzled every day figuring out what to post and coming up with captions on the fly. i wanted to be more intentional with my content. i also wanted a way to keep track of all the components that go into creating content like taking photos, editing photos, writing captions, etc. it felt overwhelming and unachievable. goals kept slipping through the cracks and worse, i was noticing the engagement on my posts and the number of people purchasing my services was dwindling.

so, i set out to create my own custom planner for my business that includes each type of content that i can and want to commit to creating each week.

this planner holds me accountable, keeps me organized and makes me feel inspired instead of burdened. i want the same for you, which is why i’m offering to create a custom content planner for YOUR business. let me know what content you want to produce, the frequency of content creation, and any other details you want to track about your business and i’ll create a custom planner that tracks it all.

say goodbye to late night caption writing.

goodbye to same day crunch times.

goodbye to snapping a quick photo just because you haven’t posted in a while.

plan ahead, stay organized and have more time to do what you love!

what you’ll receive:

8.5x11 landscape orientation PDF file with:

- cover page customized with your business name

- a calendar page for each month remaining in 2018 + 2019

- a custom content checklist page that will include all of the moving parts you need to keep track of in order to create your content. for example: let’s say your goal is to post to instagram once per day. in order to do that, you’ll need to establish the topic of the post, take a photo, edit the photo, write the caption, prepare the hashtags you’ll use for the post, and schedule the post. (aka: all the moving parts that puts us in scramble mode when it’s time to post). you tell me what you want to create, how you need to track it, and i’ll include it in this custom content checklist!

what is “custom” about it?

- cover page will be customized to include your business name

- calendar pages can be customized if there’s something you want to track on a higher level each month. for example, on mine i added a space where i need to record (and commit to!) hosting a nutrition workshop each month. this page can also be customized to your brand’s colors.

- custom content checklist page will be customized based on the types of content you want to produce and how often you want to produce it.

please note:

the template, as shown in the photos, will remain mostly the same. the cover page will look exactly like it is in the photo, but with your brand name inserted. the custom content checklist will be customized to your needs. please email me with any questions before you purchase. 

due to the nature of this product, all sales are final.

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