Better Beauty Business Tracker

Better Beauty Business Tracker


Finally — accountability, goal setting and organization for your better beauty business in one place!

The Better Beauty Business Tracker is your personal accountability buddy, with space to create goals and weekly tracking to make sure you crush them!

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I was feeling frazzled every day figuring out the direction i wanted to take my better beauty business. I had big dreams for it but month after month, my progress and success remained stagnant. I wanted to be more intentional with my business.

Prior to using this tracker, the goals in my head (note: i had not declared them on paper) felt overwhelming and unachievable. My to do’s, follow-ups with clients and touch points with my downline kept slipping through the cracks.

That’s when I realized: when I don’t keep track of my progress, I don’t feel like I’m making any.

So, i set out to create my own custom tracker for my better beauty business that allows me to plan ahead and track my successes. Now, I’ve found a renewed sense of excitement for my business — and my sales volume reflects that!

The Better Beauty Business Tracker has transformed the way I approach my business. Instead of feeling burdened, I feel empowered. I want the same for you, which is why I’m offering this for purchase.


  • Scrambling the last 2 days of the month trying to get new volume.

  • Staying in your comfort zone — that’s not where growth happens!

  • Feeling lost and behind

Let your goals and progress fill these pages so you can feel inspired by the work that you do and earn an income that reflects that!


8.5x11 portrait orientation PDF file with:

  • Cover page

  • Monthly goal setting page

  • Weekly tracker that holds you accountable to talking about your business with current clients, future clients, local business owners, your online following and your downline

  • Event tracker page to record name, email address and notes about people you meet at events so you can follow up later

  • Dreams + Plans blank pages so you can sketch, write, list, web, etc to your heart’s content

  • Notes pages (lined) so you can write down the important points during calls, webinars and conferences.


I put a lot of heart and consideration into creating this Better Beauty Business Tracker. As such, I appreciate that each download is used for one consultant, and not shared in groups or with teams. Each purchase supports my business, and I want to be able to continue to create content like this Better Beauty Business Tracker for years to come. Thank you for your consideration and support!

The Better Beauty Business Tracker is priced with angel numbers that symbolize courage and ambition, as well as balance and harmony. These numbers indicate that you can work to achieve your big dreams and still have a happy and harmonious life.

Due to the nature of this product, all sales are final.