Vision Boarding 101 + A Guided Meditation


Has anyone ever told you to "visualize success?"

I remember, when I was *frustratingly* learning how to snowboard (and after like 54 face plants), my dad suggested I visualize myself owning the slopes before bed each night. "Watch yourself make a toe turn, now back to your heel edge. You're standing tall and balanced," he said. Honestly, I thought he was cray cray and it sounded like a waste of brain energy. So I didn't do it. Instead, I made myself turn to the tempo of "Party and Bullshit" by Biggie Smalls and all was right with the world. Nothin' a little Biggie can't fix.

But after all these years, I haven't forgotten my dad's advice. He brought out this advice when I was faced with any kind of new experience or challenge. From high school lacrosse games to acing a test and landing THE job, Dad's advice popped into my head every dang time.

Now, as I embark on one of the biggest personal adventures of my life -- going back to school, starting my own business, falling deeper in love with my partner and diving into who I am and what I want out of life -- I'm reminded of my dad's visualization technique. Coincidentally, I started seeing the idea of vision boards popping up all over my Insta feed so obvi, my interest was piqued and I decided to finally give it a chance.

From what I've heard, vision boards are dang powerful. I was told to actually BE CAREFUL of what you put on your vision board because you're manifesting it into your life. Are you like me and thinking, "K COOL, I need some freakin' magic right about now. How do I start?" Well, let me tell ya.

You know all those magazines you're collecting because you've bookmarked nearly every page and SWEAR you're going to read the articles some day (but probably won't)? Grab 'em! Snag some tape or glue and scissors and some kind of mount. I used a giant Post-It sticky presentation page but I've also seen people make their vision boards on bulletin boards.

Before you go hog wild with the scissors, hold up! The first step is to get clear on what you want from your life. Heated statement, I know. That's no small feat. In fact, I'm willing to put money on the fact that the agony of this very thought irks most of us to our core during the majority of our waking hours... amirite? You're not alone. I invite you to sit still for a sec. That's exactly what I did. I listened to the little voice inside my head and heart. I visualized the various aspects of my life and let my mind wander with wonder. These are the kinds of questions I let fly:

What would it feel like to put everything I have into my schoolwork?

What kind of business strategy feels innate and authentic?

What do I like to do? What are the hobbies that make me lose track of time?

What do I wake up on Saturday and Sunday morning STOKED to do?

What kind of love do I want with Logan? Where do we take our relationship from here?

I encourage you to pay close attention to the reaction you get when a thought or idea pops into your head. Chances are, you'll either feel resistance in the form of tightness and heat OR you'll know it's right when you feel lighter with butterflies in your tummy. Your intuition is your friend, and so is active meditation. That phrase on its own seems like an oxymoron, but it's a very powerful exercise to actively let thoughts/situations/fantasies into your mind so you can actively FEEL your body's reaction to them. I like to think of it as a mindful fairy tale - let your mind write a magical story. Take your mind for a leisurely walk.

If you think I'm off my rocker, I get it, I thought these things were cookoo at one point too. And that's exactly why I created this visualization meditation for you. My hope is that this is a good starting place for you to manifest your ideal life. 

GUIDED MEDITATION: Manifest Your Magic

1. Create a comfortable, private lounge area for your meditation. Bring in pillows, blankets, socks, pj pants, tea, crystals, photos, journals, your favorite colors... anything that makes you feel at home and most like YOU.

2. Close your space off to the outside world. Remember, this is your private nest. Close the door and windows and keep technology out. Maybe before you kick your cell phone to the curb, warn your roommates that you won't be available for the next __ minutes and ask them not to disturb you. Feel free to play soft music if it feels right to you and your energy.

3. Find a comfortable seat. Now that you've created your own little nest, it's time to get comfy. A lot of times, the traditional cross-legged, straight back meditation stance leaves the body feeling achy with fatigue. Pro tip - prop your hips up on a rolled blanket (something semi-firm and flat). Once you've found your seat on this prop, scootch forward on it so it's only under the boney part of your booty. The goal is to stack your hips under your shoulders which will allow you to sit tall. Modify these tips to best support YOUR body:

  1. Sit pretzel-style or with legs outstretched.

  2. Rest your hands on your knees, palms facing up to receive high-vibe kick-ass energy.

  3. Draw your shoulder blades together and down your back. As you do this, notice your heart becomes pronounced. This is good. We need your heart to be an active part of this meditation.

  4. Gently bend your neck from left to right to loosen it up a bit.

  5. Close your eyes.

  6. Imagine an imaginary string pulling up through the crown of your head and straight to outer space. Allow this visual to keep your back nice n' tall.

  7. Cover yourself with a blanket or place a pillow behind you if it's comfy.

Now that we're all settled in, let's dive in to the good stuff.

  1. Sweep a slow, long inhale through your nose.

  2. At the top of your inhale, pause and hold the breath for 5 counts.

  3. Visualize this air held in your third eye center, the area between your eyes. A physical point of intuition and all-knowingness.

  4. Exhale. Let your breath melt down your back and relax your shoulders toward the earth.

  5. Inhale, grow tall toward the sun and sky.

  6. Exhale, root into the earth below you.

  7. Bring your hands to heart center, palms touching.

  8. Press your thumbs into your chest and spread your fingers wide, a symbol of your love starting from within your being and radiating to the universe. You are love.

  9. Float your hands back down to your thighs, palms up.

  10. On a fresh inhale, visualize an aspect of your life. Could be your home, relationships, goals, a place you wish to live or travel to...

  11. On your exhale, feel into it. Connect with the picture of it.

  12. For a few rounds of breath, let the picture float like a ballroom dance around in your mind.

  13. When the picture begins to fade, notice. Notice how your body (skin, heart, stomach, mouth) reacted to this picture.

  14. Let it go.

  15. Continue this visualization for as many "aspects" of your life that you want to address.

  16. When you've exhausted your list, sit in silence with your breath.

  17. Let your mind smoothly wander back to each fantasy and notice again how your body reacts.

  18. Focus your mind on the fantasies that made your heart skip a beat, gave you goosebumps, made your eyes water or made you smile without effort. These aren't all criteria, but more-so guidelines for recognizing that you've found authenticity. You've found something you want from your life.

  19. Let the fantasies dance around in your head once more. Give them time to play their story for you.

  20. Bring your hands back to your chest, press your palms together, root your thumbs into your chest and stretch your fingers out toward your chest. Radiate this love you just found.

  21. Gently bow your chin to your chest and enjoy 2-3 rounds of deep breath.

  22. Bring your thumbs to third eye center and bow forward, thanking yourself and the energies around you for bringing your desires to your attention.

  23. Press your palms into your knees and gently flutter your eyes open.

Now, my friend, you are ready. It may take a moment to come back to reality after this powerful experience, so give yourself that. In your own time, return to the pile of magazines and begin clipping. Cut words, photos, visuals from the magazines that represent the fantasies that just ran through your mind. Before you tape them down on your mounting board, arrange them first. Sometimes it takes a little re-arranging to get everything just right. When you're done with your creation, hang it in a place that you'll see it every day. I hung mine on the wall next to my desk where I do my schoolwork.

The answers are within. Your heart knows what you need. Sit with it so you can manifest the magical life you deserve.