Stress Support Tea [BENEFITS + RECIPE]

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What the heck is "Ashwagandha"?

It's an adaptogenic herb, meaning it supports various organs in your body with the intention of bringing your entire system back into balance.

Did you know? You've got glands sitting on top of your Kidneys -- one on each Kidney -- called your Adrenal Glands. They don't get as much hype as the thyroid or other major organs of the body and honestly, not sure why. The Adrenal Glands are just responsible for the PRODUCTION OF OUR HORMONES... HELLO! Many of us experience what's called "Adrenal Fatigue" because our environment and everyday routine causes us to experience loads of stress. When we're feeling stressed, our adrenals become taxed and need support from supplements/nutrition to continue producing the hormones your body needs. Adrenal Fatigue can manifest in many different ways*: trouble sleeping, dark circles under your eyes, hitting an energy wall at around 2pm and then getting a spike of energy at night, abnormal menstrual cycle, fatigue after working out instead of a rush of adrenaline, etc.

While working with a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (what I'm going to school for!), she recommended I drink 1 tsp of Ashwagandha in my morning dandelion root tea. Side note - dandelion root tea is meant to help support the liver -- so really, this combo was going to be a two-fer. But I could NOT down this combo. The Ashwagandha tasted like DIRT, straight up. I decided to save my dandelion root tea for a different day and tested this concoction with earl grey tea... one of my fave flavors! I may have skewed the results of this recipe experiment a bit by using Pique Tea crystals; organic pre-stepped tea in the form of powder. The way they extract and process the tea makes the flavor super pungent -- AKA perfect for mixing with Ashwagandha!

So here it is -- my secret for downing the magical adaptogen (I've also heard adding a little to smoothies does the trick too)!

- 1 packet of Pique Tea earl grey tea

- 1 glob of local honey

- 1 tsp of Ashwagandha powder -- I use Sun Potion, which you can find on Thrive Market!

Tasty trails to you!

*These are just a few of the signs/symptoms of Adrenal Fatique. Every body is different, and even if you experience a few of the symptoms listed here does not necessarily mean you have Adrenal Fatigue. If you are concerned that you're experiencing Adrenal Fatigue, please reach out to me or your medical doctor for more information.