I'm ALL ABOUT cozy mornings -- dim sunlight, super soft pj's and snuggling under warm blankets with a steamy cup of tea in hand. Lately, I've been intentionally waking up earlier than usual so I can enjoy these moments of calm before the world wakes. This kind of morning makes me feel rested and ready for the day ahead. It preps me for a day that's on my time, not the other way around. To put it in science speak, calm mornings put me in a parasympathetic state (rest and digest) as opposed to waking up in a rush and starting the day in a sympathetic (fight or flight) state.

Music soothes my soul. Which is exactly why I created this Mellow Morning playlist. Some of my fave artists like Bon Iver and John Butler Trio definitely made the cut alongside other artists that I'd classify in the one-hit-wonders category. Either way, this blend is the perfect soundtrack to a cozy, mellow, stress-free morning. Be sure to check it out every couple weeks -- I'll be adding songs as I discover them.

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