Sometimes, to move past fears, all we need is a little ear candy. Looking back at the most unknown, sad or angry moments in my life I remember popping headphones in or cranking up the stereo and connecting to a vibe stronger and looser than me. Know what I mean?

I remember walking around high school freshman year, intimidated and self-conscious about just about everything, with beats bumping in my headphones giving me just enough confidence to fake it 'til I made it. 

I used to blast Simple Plan in my room after my stepmom moved into my childhood home after my parent's divorce - the angriest time in my life.

And I'll never forget laying in bed, lost and confused after my mom passed away, sobbing to "Home" by Daughtry which we played at her memorial service. 

Music has always helped me feel deeper. Sometimes it gives me confidence; sometimes it gives me hope and sometimes it gives me deep space to feel.

When I first learned to snowboard, I was scared shitless. After hundreds of face plants and days with a sore tailbone, I FINALLY conquered my fear of toe > heel snowboard turns by turning to the beat of "Party N' Bullsh**" by Biggie Smalls. I made myself turn to the tempo with no excuses and suddenly, it just clicked. I've been loving it (sans face plants) ever since. Obvi, that hit made it to the playlist plus a few others that will help you find your groove and move past fear.

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