Gluten-Free Protein Sandwich [RECIPE]


This is my second favorite quick meal creation EVER. It's super easy and surprisingly really filling! When you mix protein + fats together, what else do you expect? Guys, this will take you 5 minutes flat, if you meal prepped some chicken at the beginning of the week. Add all the goodies listed below together, or your own variation, and dig in! This thing is hard to put down, literally and figuratively. You'll LOVE!


Gluten free bread (I like Canyon Bakehouse)

Mayo (I like Sir Kensington's classic mayo)

"Lettuce" in the form of chard, kale or spinach

Bacon (I like the nitrate-free kind from Applegate Naturals)

Roasted chicken

Red pepper flakes

Salt to taste (I like Redmond's Real Salt because it gives an AWESOME flavor and it contains trace minerals that we don't get from most foods).