considering that your skin is your largest organ...

did you know?

  • On average, women use 12 products each day, resulting in over 100 chemicals applied to their skin daily

  • Only 20% of the ingredients used in beauty products have been tested for safety

  • Most chemicals found in beauty products are hidden under the umbrella label “fragrance”

  • The EU bans 1,400 toxic ingredients from beauty products, Canada bans 600, while the United States only bans 30

  • The United States hasn’t created legislation for the beauty industry since 1938. The law does not allow the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ask cosmetic companies for safety data or issue recalls of cosmetics that are proven to be harmful.

Meanwhile, Beautycounter bans more than 1,500 harmful ingredients from their products.

Beautycounter distributes safe beauty products, meets with congress to pass stricter legislation and educates about the dangers of commonly used toxic ingredients.


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