my story


hi, i’m wendy!

(i started putting an exclamation point after my name in first grade, and haven’t stopped since)

i’m here today — literally and metaphorically — because of my mom.

of course we all know how birth works, so i won’t get into the literal way my mom introduced me to this world. besides, it’s the metaphorical part of the story that’s most meaningful.

my mama became an angel when i was 15 years old.

one short year after her diagnosis of cervical cancer, she was gone.

my whole life, i feel like i’ve been searching for myself through the lens of being a motherless daughter. it’s broken me down and built me up at the same time.

losing her allowed me to find myself. it’s taken me a long time to be ok with admitting that.

her angel wings have given me my own wings here on earth.

the sweetness of her life and the tragedy of her death have inspired all of the life choices i’ve made.

losing her put me in scramble mode. i had to grow up quick. i had to decide how i would view and treat the world around me. and how i would view and treat myself.

long story short, i’ve picked up little pieces along the way. in 2015, i became a certified yoga instructor and in 2018, i became a nutritional therapy practitioner. all the years in between, i became a professional marketer within the yoga/wellness industry.

every piece of my story is why i’m here, typing this for you today.

you see, when my mom was sick (and all the years leading up to her diagnosis), she ate what most americans do: fast food along with processed, packaged and sugar coated everything.

what really gets me is that when she was going through chemo and radiation, the doctors gave her ensure shakes to drink — instead of suggesting to eat real food.

i can’t help but to think, if i knew then what i know now about the power of nutrient-dense food, mindfulness, movement and how they can nourish the mind, body and soul… i fully believe my mama would still be here on earth with us.

i’ve used these practices to save my own life over and over and over again.

movement and yoga grounds me.

real, fresh foods nourish my body and keep my migraines and acne at bay.

meditation helps me think clearly and make smart decisions.

and i still sometimes put that exclamation point at the end of my name, but this time in honor of her. in her last letter to me, she said “i always loved how you put an exclamation point after your name. it means you know who you are and are proud of it.”

mama always knows best.

there are a million ways we can suffer as humans, but there are a million and one ways we can heal. i’m living proof, and so are you. are you craving a shift toward healing?

your turn — tell me about you.